No cost to register or participate

April 26th - 28th

$50,000 USD Prize Pool

Prizes will be converted and paid out in local currency

Discover the spirit of challenge and the power of collaboration at the Sedrah Hackathon in Riyadh!

Collaborate with passionate individuals and innovative startups, supported by expert mentors, to create solutions that tackle environmental and sustainability issues in Saudi Arabia today. From enhancing circular economy and improving air quality, to combating desertification, the Sedrah Hackathon offers diverse challenges for every participant.

With three days to craft your solution, teams will present their innovative ideas to our expert panel of judges at the end of day three, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes, including a significant financial grand prize.

Don't miss the opportunity to compete and contribute to a more sustainable future in KSA. Register now and let's shape a sustainable tomorrow together!

The Hackathon

Join us in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on April 26th, 27th and 28th for the Sedrah Hackathon!


There are 3 challenges to choose from at the Sedrah Hackathon, and each team may submit one solution for one of the challenges. If you have an idea for a solution and don't see it listed as an example below, be sure to meet with a mentor on-site to discuss your idea!

Challenge 1Circular Economy

Embrace the principles of the Circular Economy and embark on a journey towards a sustainable future in Saudi Arabia by addressing key areas of waste management, recycling, and resource optimization. Your solution should focus on one or more of the following key areas: 

Recycling Technologies and Energy Recovery Optimizing Resource Flows

Create innovative approaches for efficient recycling and energy recovery from waste.

Explore ways to extract value from waste materials, turning them into resources for new products or energy generation.

Introduce cutting-edge technologies and processes to enhance the recycling of various materials.

Address challenges in recycling diverse materials, including plastics, metals, and electronic waste.

Integration of Digital Technologies for Tracking and Optimizing Resource Flows

Implement digital solutions for tracking and optimizing resource flows in a circular economy.

Use AI, ML, blockchain or other technologies to enhance transparency and traceability in material supply chains.

Reduction of Waste Production

Develop strategies and technologies to minimize the generation of waste across industries and daily life.

Encourage sustainable product design that emphasizes longevity and reduces disposable waste.

Challenge 2Breathable Futures

Contribute to the global fight against air pollution and climate change by developing innovative solutions that address key challenges in urban air quality, industrial emissions, and the transition to renewable energy. This challenge seeks to inspire participants to explore sustainable technologies and practices aligned with the following objectives:

Reducing Air Pollution and Industrial Emissions in Urban Areas

Design and implement solutions that effectively reduce air pollution in urban environments.

Explore innovative approaches to mitigate the impact of vehicular emissions, industrial activities, and other sources of urban air pollution.

Propose technologies and strategies to reduce emissions from industrial processes.

Focus on sustainable manufacturing practices that minimize environmental impact.

Monitoring of Environmental Compliance

Propose strategies for ensuring compliance and regulations are met in the environmental sector.

Explore ways to encourage businesses and communities to promote these regulations and stay current with environmental compliance updates.

Increased Air Quality Monitoring/Data AnalyticsIndustrial Emissions in Urban Areas

Implement advanced air quality monitoring systems with a focus on real-time data analytics.

Develop solutions that provide actionable insights for effective air pollution monitoring and management.

Challenge 3
Afforestation and Green Horizons

Embark on a mission to restore and expand green cover in Saudi Arabia through innovative afforestation solutions. This challenge encourages participants to explore sustainable plantation practices, utilize advanced technologies, and address critical issues related to desertification, soil erosion, and the overall health of terrestrial ecosystems. Your solutions should be based on one or more of the following areas:

Plant Nursery/Nursery Production

Innovate in plant nursery practices to enhance the production and quality of seedlings for afforestation projects.

Develop technologies that improve the efficiency of nursery operations and increase the success rate of planted saplings.

Sustainable Plantation Practices

Develop and implement sustainable afforestation practices that ensure the long-term health and resilience of planted ecosystems.

Explore innovative approaches to maximize biodiversity and ecosystem services in afforested areas.

Monitoring Plant Growth

Propose solutions to help monitor and protect plant growti in reforestation areas.

Solutions that focus on Drought monitoring and early warning detection.

Reduction of Desertification and Soil Erosion

Propose solutions to combat desertification and soil erosion through afforestation initiatives.

Focus on planting strategies and technologies that stabilize soil, prevent erosion, and contribute to the restoration of degraded landscapes.

Benefits of Participation

Multiple Prizes Available!

We will announce all prizes soon to our participants, but there will be multiple ways to win in each challenge track.

Further opportunites to work with the organizers in the future and incubate your idea.

Networking Opportunities

Network with other teams, mentors, and startups in KSA.

Present your solution to a large audience for visibility.

Comprehensive in-person Training

Our expert mentors will be on-site to assist you with your projects and answer any of your questions.

Teams will be able to network with other industry experts and work with the mentors each day of the event.

Who Should Participate



Software Developers

AI/ML Engineers

AI/ML Enthusiasts

Teams will be formed of up to 5 participants on a single team, or you may choose to participate on your own as well


1st Place

$25,000 USD

The team with the best project overall will receive $25,000!

2nd Place

$15,000 USD

The team with the next best project will receive $15,000!

Honorable Mentions

$2,000 USD

5 Teams will receive $2,000 USD each as honorable mentions!

All prizes will be converted and paid out in local currency.

Judging Criteria

Intro / Summary of the judging criteria 

Technical Execution

Does the solution effectively utilize the available technologies & resources?

How easy is your application to use?

How advanced is the prototype presented?


Is this a unique approach or new type of solution?

Is the solution differentiated from others already on the market?

Is the solution original and disruptive?

Impact/Business Potential

Will this solution have a far reach and market potential?

How helpful or useful would the solution be to impacted customers/users/ or communities/businesses/etc?

Can the solution scale over time to have a further reach?

Can success be measured?


March 8th

Registration Opens!

April 17th

Pre-event Webinar: Join and learn more about the Sedrah Hackathon!

April 26th

Hackathon Day 1: Team Formation and Ideation.

April 27th

Hackathon Day 2: Work on your solution with your team and mentors.

April 28th

Hackathon Day 3: Presentations and Awards Ceremony!

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